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Max Breath Health care

It helps our lungs to breathe healthy and easily and keeps them safe from pollution. Diseases that occur in our lungs like cough, asthma ,asthma allergy, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, IL. It is helpful in prevention of D., lung cancer and any virus etc.

Max Neuro smart care

Nervous system diseases usually include speech disorders, body imbalance, body stiffness, weakness, headache, depression, difficulty in getting up and down, body tremors, muscle stiffness, limb stiffness, body stiffness, migraine, epilepsy, It is helpful in removing stagnation of blood in the veins of the spinal cord. It is helpful in curing stasis of blood.

Max Immunity Booster

Feeling tired and lethargic when the immune system is weak, lack of sleep, stress anemia or chronic fatigue syndrome, physical weakness is helpful in making the whole body healthy.

Max Ossicle care

Aids in the relief of Arthritis and inflammation of the joints (effectively reducing arthritis) Preventing inflammation of tendons (tendonitis) Rotten by restoring bone density Aids in bone re-building Maintenance and repair of damaged cartilage and lubricating and cushioning

Max Body Detox juice

Ayurvedic detox diet is the perfect medicine of mango. Ayurveda divided the world into five elements – air, earth, fire, sky and water; Each element is made up of different combinations of the three doshas which are responsible for different bodily functions in your body. These three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. To ensure proper health, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the three doshas as well as the five elements. If an imbalance is present, the chances of disease are very high.

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Its founder is Dr. Rajesh Kumar Nimbhal, who is a Naturopathic, physiotherapist,  acupuncture  doctor and having about experience of 30 years in ayurveda. He is  National President in Akhil  Bhartiya Manav Kalayan Swasth Seva Sanstha, which is  establish on 10 aug 2007. His clientele  includes many ayurvedic companies and now, he launched there              own ayurvedic company in india. Also he got there dgree of (MD) in Accupenture from Hong kong. 


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