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Max Natural Ayurveda was founded on 21st September, 2021. Ayurveda says that the world is  made up of five elements viz. Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space. Everyone and everything in  this world is made up of different combinations of these elements. Vat, Pitt and Kaph are 3  factors indicating the health in Human body and are also responsible for bad health. In order to  be healthy, it is necessary to maintain balance between these 3 factors and the 5 elements, an  imbalance is likely to cause various types of diseases.

Considering this balance & our daily lifestyle, Max Natural Ayurveda has made 5 Natural  products ( Max Breath Health Care, Max Ossicle Care, Max Immunity Booster, Max Nuro  Smart Care, Max Body Detox Juice ) on basis of Phyto science and technology, which can  cure every disease arising in our body from the root. These products helps in detoxifying our  body as well as will increase our immunity system & will also help in the process of purification  of our body by removing the unwanted substances growing in our body.

The main objective of ‘Max Natural Ayurveda’ is to make available the natural products easily at  a lower cost. These products are manufactured with high quality. It will help in the recovery of many  diseases growing in our body at a lower cost & will also benefit economically by promoting it. Our target is eradicating poverty, unemployment pan India.

Our Vision

The purpose of the company is to  help  a diseased common man  (poor &  medium class people) with  not enough  resources (financial  and others)  to get treatment in a good place with these products.



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Khasra No-146,

H NO- 435 Ground floor,

Takiya Chowk, Julah Basti, 

Burari, New Dehli,Dehli,110084

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+91 8920423765.

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